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The Equipment

Hockey Treadmill
Super Treadmill

The Hockey Treadmill, coupled with your trainer and the mirror in which you can see your progress, sets you up to play at game speed for a longer period with more power and agility than your opponent. It’s the perfect ice-like surface, designed to train you from the inside out—neurologically, metabolically and biomechanically—so that you can become a more efficient skater. You train in your skates, just as if you were on ice.

Made of our patented and specially lubricated, ice-like surface, the Hockey Treadmill tilts from 0- to a 32-percent grade and can operate at speeds over 16 miles per hour, creating a perfect environment to improve your skating and efficiency. After just one Acceleration Hockey Training program, comprised of 22 – 26 sessions spread over six to eight weeks, our athletes enhance their break away speed, develop quicker cuts, improve power in the first three steps and gain conditioning.

We take the same approach to our equipment as we do anything else. We study the need, the function, the payoff, then make it better than what’s available on the market.

Our Generation II Super Treadmill may look like an industrial version of the standard treadmills available on the market today, but it performs like a finely tuned training instrument.

Styling: While you run in front of a mirror, you'll notice the motor on the Super Treadmill is positioned below the belt, so that it doesn't interfere with your view for your feet in motion. This provides instant visual feedback on your running form. You and your trainer can see what your feet are doing, how they're landing and taking off.

Conditioning Cords
Other Equipment

Our resistance cords make you produce more force at game speed velocities, whether you are hitting, throwing, running or jumping. Our patented SprintCords, KickingCords, ThrowingCords and PowerCords provide effective loads without changing your movement patterns. Your muscles must react with more power to handle the load. When the cords come off, you produce more power than you ever have before.

Our plyometric programs are designed to maximize quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability, essential for improving movement skills and overall athleticism. We employ tools like AccuPower to reveal your power output and your stability during single leg squats, jumps and hops as well as during drop landings.

We take the same approach to our equipment as we do anything else. We study the need, the function, the payoff, then make it better than what’s available on the market.

The Plyo Press allows you to train for explosive power below and above body weight, using an exclusive loading pattern that minimizes stress on your joints and back while maximizing explosive performance. You safely build leg strength and quickness. DeDe Dorsey of the 2007 Super Bowl Indianapolis Colts used this machine to build quickness and power for on-field speed.

The Pro Multi-Hip improves the strength of key muscles of the abdominals and hips, important but often-overlooked muscles that are essential for improved performance. It accommodates athletes from 5-foot to 7-foot tall, and resistance can be set from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns, to 375 pounds for dynamic power movements.

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